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Transform Your Workplace


What is the secret to retaining and recruiting an exceptional Workforce, Increasing Revenue and having fun?

Gratitude and Appreciation are the Secrets.

Science has taught us that Gratitude can be taught.

What are the benefits of teaching gratitude and appreciation in the workplace?

Gratitude and appreciation must be sincere in the workplace and not viewed as an obligation. You want to inspire employees to want to show gratitude and appreciation.   Do YOU want to Net More Income in your organization and increase the bottom line? Develop an attitude of gratitude strategy.

In 2012 Forbes Magazine article: Your Most Powerful Forgotten Weapon – Gratitude

“A recent study by Bersin & Associates underscores the bottom-line implications of saying thank you in the workplace.  It revealed that companies that “excel at employee recognition” are 12 times more likely to enjoy strong business results.  If you aren’t a believer in the thank you economy, just think about what I can mean to your business if you embrace the power of gratitude”

When and employee feels recognized or appreciated they will:

  1. Be a better employee, they are 50% more productive

  2. Show up for work

  3. Improved Performance

  4. Customers are happier

  5. Keep Customers

  6. Net More Income

Gratitude begins with the Leadership Team.  Team work makes the dream work and gratitude can fuel that dream.    

Need some ideas to you started inspiring grateful living at work?

  1. Greet employees daily by smiling and saying “Good-morning – I am grateful you are here today”

  2. Acknowledge their work efforts – “I appreciate you taking time from your break today to handle the customer issue”.

  3. Reward – celebrate their victories/accomplishments with certificates, pins, or a thank you card.


Celebrate and Acknowledge your employees beyond their paycheck – It Matters!

Want to learn more on how to Inspire Grateful Living in your Workplace? Need a Roadmap to intentionally appreciate employees and clients? Let Grateful Box help you Transform your Workplace with Gratitude.



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