Speaking & Strategy

Imagine hiring a Jack Canfield Certified Train the Trainer to work with your business. Well how about two?

Kim Angeli & Joy Harris are Certified Canfield Trainers in The Success Principles. They are taking these Success Principles and bringing custom solutions for YOUR business. They have developed business strategies to help you grow revenue with gratitude.

Do you have grumpy clients or employees? Would you like a plan to bring Gratitude and Relationship Strategy into your office?  Do you want more Raving Fans referring your business? Imagine a strategy that can help you, Now.

·         Know your Why!

·         E + R = O

·         100% Responsibility

·         Grumpy to Grateful Strategy

You can create a culture of gratitude and success by bringing Kim Angeli & Joy Harris into your business.  Whether you have a small business that needs some help or a large corporation that needs to have team building and education brought into their workplace - the Grateful Box® team can provide a strategic solution for your business needs.

Both Kim & Joy are passionate about Gratitude and the many benefits it may have on your personal & professional lives! Be sure to contact us for personalized Speaking events or for One-On-One Private Coaching.

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Keynotes and Conferences

As a sought after and favorite keynote speakers on the subject of gratitude in the workplace Kim’s wealth of knowledge and business and the benefits of gratitude has earned a reputation for her exciting high energy, enthusiastic, audience engaging and no-nonsense approach to creating raving fans in any organization.

Seminars and Training Workshops

Every seminar and workshop is customized and tailored to meet the everyday real life challenges of the participants and organization. A hands on, action learning and fun approach has made Kim Angeli popular with all types of businesses. Never dull or boring with lots participation with her audience who will learn easy, and practical, not theory, strategies that can be applied immediately after the seminar to get the results you want now!

Both Kim & Joy are well versed in many aspects of business, highly experienced in client retention, and both are equipped with their own arsenal of specialized strengths.

K-impeccable Service!

Kim is the Founder and CEO of The Grateful Box®. Kim has been involved with sales and marketing for over 23 years. She has worked with Campbell Soup, Sprint and Cisco Systems. After helping launch 3 emerging technologies in the IT/Telecommunications industry she built an insurance agency that effectively positioned itself as the leader in HOA Insurance. In 2016 she sold that business and retired from Insurance at the age of 44. Gratitude, Appreciation, and Relationships are her passion and she is now on a mission to teach others how to incorporate these powerful life habits into their daily lives.

Testimonials -

“Kim -  You spoke at my Rotary group this morning and I was so inspired by what you said.  It's something so simple yet so difficult to do.  It's easier to let the "events" of life take control, and when they are not good events, we let it affect our attitude.  But you were so right with your formula E+R=O.  I was writing something when you mentioned it so I only heard the R & the O.  But deductive reasoning told me that the E was Events.  So Events + Response = Outcome.  Please tell me if my formula is incorrect.  We cannot control the events of life, but we can control the response.  Our response may not change the outcome, but it will change how the outcome affects us.

I can't thank you enough for today.  It truly was a blessing!  I hope your day is fantastic! ~David


"Kim Angeli is the leading authority on building and maintaining customer/client retention through her amazing "Grateful Box" program implementation that will increase profits and guarantee customer relationship loyalty for life. It really works!"  John Formica, (The “Ex-Disney Guy”)

Joyful Solutions!

Part of my journey has been a learning process. I had to learn how to practice gratitude and apply it to my world and that the results of this has been finding true joy and meaning both personally and professionally. Gratitude has truly been more powerful than I believed it could have been

This has led me to Grateful Living. While I still have moments of fear and worry I am able to easily make them disappear by being grateful for where I am now. The realism of life is that it will never be perfect nor will I but by the Grace and Gratitude that God shows me every day I know that I am grateful

For all that life has. It’s up to me to choose Grateful Living.

With my experience and gifts I can help others find their “JOY” and live a grateful life and/or be that business coach who can cheer you on, encourage you and provide practical information and guidance as I have done for my clients.

Have you been in business or thinking about starting a business? Wouldn’t you love to be able to bounce ideas off of someone who has already been there and done that? And not just done that, but done that with SUCCESS! Joy offers Joyful Solutions to entrepreneurs with knockout results. If you would like to have this connection – schedule for a Coffee & Joy Zoom call with her.

Many small business owners have had a great idea or an amazing skill that led them into starting a business. What they may not have had is someone to take a look at their business and offer business strategies & solutions.

Joy went into a 20 year old business and did a quick analysis and was able to set up some processes for the business to implement that had never been done before. Sometime you can’t see or you don’t know what you don’t’ know until someone says hey did you know?


Generous, knowledgeable, direct—those are my three words about Joy and her ability to cut through the noise, whether that noise is from the marketplace or your head.  She helped me focus on what’s important in our business and different ways to express our gratitude for our clients and vendors.  I recommend her services wholeheartedly.  Thank you, Joy.  - Angie Buxton