Lesson 1: Claim Your Nextdoor Business Page

Learn how to claim your business page on Nextdoor, including all of the information you should get together to have a fully filled-out profile.

Lesson 2: Building Your  Relationship List

Why having a relationship list is helpful, how to put together a list of top clients that you want to turn into raving fans, and what to do with it next.

Lesson 3: How To Ask For Recommendations

Best practices for asking your top clients to recommend you inside their neighborhood on Nextdoor, without rubbing them the wrong way.

Lesson 4: Follow Up For  The Recommendation

Once you have recommendations, how can you make the most of the one reply Nextdoor allows you to leave? Don't discount the value of getting even a single heart!

Lesson 5: Strategic Neighborhood Targeting

Learn how to build relationships strategically based on geographic location, to make your business visible in more neighborhoods.

Lesson 6: Inside The Neighborhood Targeting

How to create marketing opportunities that give your customers a good reason to promote your business in their neighborhoods without spamming and being self-promotional.