Humble beginnings remind me to Practice Gratitude

My humble beginnings remind me to practice gratitude.

 Experiences in my life help to shape my attitude of gratitude. Having humble beginnings reminds me that achievements are blessings instead of entitlements.

 Being humble amidst success is a lesson taught from my childhood. My approach is to be gracious in victory instead of boastful. It helps to keep me grounded so I avoid appearing conceited and self-righteous.

 Knowing what it feels like to be in need reminds me to be grateful. I use my past situations to fuel my desire to help others.

 I am grateful for the opportunity to assist others. I am able to cater to their needs because I understand their experiences firsthand. Those situations remind me of where I am coming from and the effort it takes to stay where I am.

 Growing up having less than enough helps me to appreciate sharing now. I place a lot of value on being able to share with special people in my life.

 Whenever I am able to, I invite friends and family to share a meal with me. I use those times to express to them how important they are to me. I give thanks for them by embracing them with loving kindness.

Gratitude is not a “one & done” trick - it’s a lifestyle. When you show others you are grateful for them (even in the mundane or less than spectacular times) you are planting a seed. And when you nurture that gratitude seed, guess what - they grow & become a little more grateful in their own lives.

Can you imagine if we were all just a little more grateful? How much better & kinder the world would be?

 Today, I commit to practicing gratitude regardless of my circumstances. My life is filled with opportunities to be thankful. My rewards are richer when I take the time to be sincerely grateful.

 Self-Reflection Questions:

 1.    In what ways can I show gratitude to people who help me along the way?

2.    How do I make adjustments when I find myself being ungrateful?

3.    What value do I get from sharing my past experiences with my kids?