World Gratitude Day 2019

Welcome to World Gratitude Day 2019.  In the world today we are exposed to so many negative influences and we want to be a positive influence in your day today and every day.  So, while the world around you may feel like it’s falling apart, we want you to find the good that is also around you every day.

You may be asking yourself, “What good – have you seen the news?  Have you heard about another child that died at the hands of someone?  Have you looked at the wars still going on around the world right now?”

Of course those things are going on but let’s be honest – none of that is new – it’s been going on for thousands of years and yet every day a new baby is born, someone invents a new vaccine that cures a disease, a child from the  poor side of town pulls themselves out and becomes a doctor or lawyer or maybe even invents something life changing.

When we get down to the difference in how people see the world it comes down to how you see it and if you are grateful for what you have and where you are in the current moment.  You’re not living in the past but living for your bright future.  It’s being grateful that you are here now and alive.  You’re a gift from God that has value and worth.  It’s what you believe to be true not what you hear or assume.

You are the change that the world needs.  You have the power to be grateful in all that there is right now and celebrate your amazing life.  Why do you think your life would change or get better if you continue to find only the negative things when there is equally if not more wonderful things to celebrate?

Make today and everyday a grateful day.


Joy Harris