February 2019


No One Ever Bought From a Company They Never Heard Of!

Not a week goes by without someone asking us (and likely you), “Have you ever heard of [insert your company name/product/service]?”

“No, I haven’t. Tell me more about them,” is our usual reply.

Here’s a quote to live by, “There are only 3 kinds of brands:

  1. Brands you know and love;

  2. Brands you know and don’t love, and

  3. Brands you’ve never heard of.

    The biggest challenge most small businesses face is brand awareness.

    Most business owners are sooooo focused on sales, they forget about marketing. And marketing comes before sales … even in the dictionary.

    So that brings us to the second biggest challenge most companies face … lack of a robust marketing budget.

    How will you as a business owner succeed to create and maintain top-of-mind awareness with customers, prospects and referral resources? Doing so is critical and The Payoff is significant.

    Be at the top of the vendor list when a buying decision is to be made or a referral opportunity surfaces.

    OK … bet you agree with the brand awareness and budget issues. So now let’s talk about a solution that resolves both challenges. That means it maximizes your positive exposure to the clientele you seek to serve … and it’s FREE … plus super-easy to get set up.

    This gateway to tens of thousands of potential customers for your products/services is Nextdoor … a private neighborhood network with millions of affluent U.S. homeowners as members. As a matter of fact well over 80% of Americans live in a neighborhood that has adopted Nextdoor.

80 percent.jpg

So what’s important about that to you as a business owner seeking to develop business in one or more

Nextdoor neighborhoods? Well let’s go back to something mentioned earlier …

Not a week goes by without someone asking us (and likely you), “Have you ever heard of [insert your company name/product/service]?”

When asked that question, Nextdoor neighbors are likely to have an answer. That means a referral

opportunity for you … but only if your business has a Nextdoor Business Page.

Here’s just one example of impact for a company in a Nextdoor neighborhood.

Nextdoor image 1.jpg

What makes Nextdoor neighborhood recommendations so powerful is the profile of Nextdoor members. Bet you agree this is an audience where you’d win by being highly visible. Take a look.

Nextdoor image 2.jpg

And the added plus is nearly one-quarter of all communications among Nextdoor members is to recommend their favorite local service providers … and you should be on that short list!

Nextdoor image 3.jpg

Once you have your Nextdoor Business Page, here’s a view of what you may see. The idea is to get more HEARTS (recommendations) than your competition. In this example, the company had positive exposure in 114 neighborhoods comprised of over 64,000 neighbors … you must agree … that’s HUGE!

Nextdoor image 4.jpg

So that brings us to setting up your Business Page. It’s easy. Just click on the image below and follow the

simple instructions. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Nextdoor image 5.jpg

Caution! Signing up is the beginning, not the end.

Professional Nextdoor Management Services – Time & Money Saver

Admit it! As a business owner or manager you are already wearing several hats. Ladling in yet another

marketing responsibility is probably not an attractive option … particularly if you have to master the learning curve to effectively initiate and execute a strategy to aggressively invite customer online recommendations, plus monitor and respond to results.

That said, you are well-advised to seek proven expertise just as you do with your accountant, attorney or other trusted advisors.

Alert! There are 3 major costs with do-it-yourself (DIY).

  1. Lost-opportunity costs … time spent away from building and maintaining your business.

  2. Lost sales … due to “trial & error” perfection of your DIY efforts.

  3. Lost website prospect traffic … by not engaging immediate Nextdoor expertise.

Click on the image below to view a brief video of how your burden may be relieved plus enjoy developing more leads and conversions to sales … without added hassle and at an amazingly affordable one-time price.

The Grateful Box is primed to be your Nextdoor “go-to” resource. Give us a call or drop an email. We’ll respond promptly … at no charge.

No one ever bought a product or a service they never heard of


Wake Up With an Attitude of Gratitude!

You’ll reap significant benefits from this daily practice …

… both personally and professionally.

And to accelerate your life-changing gratitude journey to happiness, reduced stress, professional

productivity and enhanced personal relationships … be sure to take a look at this simple-to-use,

amazingly affordable asset.

The Grateful Box

The Grateful Box is your tool to start and maintain your gratitude journey.

Each Grateful Box comes with a stylus pen and a block of paper so that you may write one note of gratitude and place it in the box each day. Gratitude has to be written, learned and practiced to achieve the full benefits and change your mindset.

Write one note of gratitude each night before bed and place it in the box. The answer to creating your internal attitude of gratitude is not just to think what your are thankful for … write it down and place it in the box for frequent review. You will be amazed at the positive changes in your life!

Business Owners and Managers

Here’s an added bonus …

Private labeling The Grateful Box with your company name and logo is a great Team-building tool to

enable individuals to participate in a workplace gratitude culture that enriches all stakeholders – workers,

managers, customers, vendors and investors! Ask for a quote.

Be visible and open for business!

Your Nextdoor Optimization Team,

Grateful Box