Mastermind Your Success


Only Those Who Want to Exponentially Grow Their Business And Succeed in Their Personal Life Need Apply


Ignite your imagination! Visualize the amazing potentials if you had a confidential group of experienced, fellow small/midsize business owners who volunteer as your sounding board. Welcome to Mastermind Your Success (MYS). MYS members join a unique safe-haven team of “insiders”, where learning and growth are valued … and success is measured by exponential business growth … coupled with an enhanced quality of life.

If that sounds like an attractive outcome for you and your business, read on to learn how you will navigate your toughest business challenges with the help of a peer roundtable. Your payoff: be part of a dynamic group of collaborative mentors committed to foster mutual success with you and your business owner colleagues.

Join Mastermind Your Success and enjoy participation in members-only monthly roundtable sessions. There you’ll participate in a lively forum to test new ideas, solve problems and learn from business owners who have “been there” … no theory, just guidance and counsel based on actual experiences by decision-makers who have walked in your shoes and succeeded in overcoming the same challenges you wrestle with.

The basic principles that are the foundation of Mastermind Your Success were developed early in the last century by renowned success guru, Napoleon Hill. He shared his concept of a peer-to-peer mentoring model to help participants solve their problems with input and advice from fellow group members. Since then, hundreds of thousands of business owners have found those principles to be a critical resource to grow their companies and themselves.

Kim Angeli and Joy Harris, co-founders of the Grateful Box, are on a mission to inspire others to live their best lives, both personally and professionally. It is their unique Mastermind Your Success “recipe” that proves successful in systematically creating life-changing transformations over time … always in a community atmosphere of collegiate support.

Both Kim and Joy have proven successes in founding, building and selling profitable, sustainable enterprises. And now they bring their leadership and expertise to create Mastermind Your Success groups that tackle the challenges all entrepreneurs face at one time or another … sometimes several at once! Just to name a few …

  • Management decision-making

  • Growing revenue

  • Competitive issues

  • Human Resources challenges

  • Acquisition opportunities

  • Exit strategies


Here are 8 reasons to consider applying to become a Mastermind Your Success member:

  1. Stop feeling “it’s lonely at the top”; others share and/or prevailed over your challenges

  2. Cease not being able to “see the forest for the trees”; gain clarity and perspective of your issues

  3. Equality reigns …all members are equal regardless of income or experience; each has unique idea and “know-hows” to share

  4. Accountability … for both commitments as a member and the group’s rules.

  5. Candor … each member is open and honest in what they seek as well as guidance offered

  6. Confidentiality … the Las Vegas ads come to mind … “What happens here, stays here!”

  7. Exclusivity … membership is by selection based on candidate profile criteria; groups are limited to 6-10 members to ensure participation and feedback by all

  8. Competitive advantage … your competitors will never be included in your group

So what’s not to like? Certainly it’s worth a few minutes of your time to book a FREE call to learn whether Mastermind Your Success is a good “fit” for your financial success, peace of mind and quality of life.

New MYS groups will begin forming right after the first of the New Year. Members may participate in person, or if more convenient, on a video call via zoom.

Hurry! Book a FREE call today and together we can decide what’s in YOUR BEST INTEREST.