A Story of Gratitude

Recently, at our TMPW women’s retreat, we were all gifted with a “Grateful Box.” I have personally been using mine and it has been a wonderful tool for me to daily give thanks and express gratitude for the many blessings around me that often go overlooked. And with Thanksgiving being this week, we thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to Kim Angeli as she is on a mission to teach intentional gratefulness…
Abundant Blessings,
Nadya Dickson, National Director and the TMPW Team

Kim has been involved with sales and marketing for over 23 years–working for companies such as Campbell Soup, Sprint, and Cisco Systems. After helping launch 3 emerging technologies in the IT industry, she built an insurance agency that effectively positioned itself as the leader in HOA Insurance in the US.  She was one of 40 agents in the US that focused on HOA Risk Management.

In 2016, she sold that business at the age of 44 to pursue her mission that Gratitude and Relationships Matter. She is now on a mission to share her success using gratitude to grow revenue and help others learn this valuable skill professionally and personally.

But those are all things that anyone could learn by reading about her on paper or online. However, when you speak with Kim, you meet a woman who beams with enthusiasm and passion, who is candid about her everyday journey to be grateful and the struggle and blessings that come with that journey–and you cannot listen to her without leaving encouraged and challenged yourself to live gratefully.

So, what sparked the idea of “Grateful Box?

In 2010, Kim started practicing using gratitude intentionally. She had just went through a tough year, which included her father getting sick, and in effort to change her mindset, she purchased a wooden box from Big Lots, put it beside her bed, and started writing a note of gratitude every night. In doing this, she started training her mind to look at what went well for the day instead of what went wrong–and it transformed her life. This new, intentional mindset was so life-changing in fact, that she had to share it with others, and thus “Grateful Box” came to life (you can check out Grateful Box at www.GratefulBox.com). 

So, what does it look like to be intentional about being grateful and adopting this new mindset? Kim tells this story (which I’m sure many wives can relate to): Every morning, I wake up and feed the dog, make coffee, and I make sure my husband eats breakfast before work. Then, I continue on with my daily routine.  And when I go to do the dishes, where does my husband leave his coffee cup and plate? Right by the sink! Now my old brain would think,  Seriously, he leaves it BY the sink? But with this new way of thinking, here is what I remember:  My husband gets up at 5:30am, leaves by 6am and drives an hour to work. We’ve been married for 17.5 years and he has been a great father and husband–he still loves me the same way he did when we first got married… and I’m worried about a coffee cup? It really puts things into perspective.

Kim is also currently going through The Master’s Program for Women–which she says has given her a foundation of knowledge on how to combat spiritual warfare and has provided the God-centered principles and tools that she needed when entering this business.