Kim Angeli created the first version of The Grateful Box in 2010, when she was searching for something that she could do to help her cope with a series of changes and challenges in her life.

As she started to understand that practicing gratitude is actually a practical way to improve her happiness, health, and relationships, she started to write one note of gratitude and place it into a box each night. Thus began Kim's journey of developing gratitude as an everyday habit.

During this journey, she shared her new habit and the positive impact it was having on her perspective with client and friend Joy Harris.

When Joy sold her HOA management company in 2014, she reached out to Kim to see how she could help her share her perspective and journey with others, and inspire them to start their own.

Now Kim and Joy are on a mission together to help others develop an attitude of gratitude!



Kim Angeli, Founder & CEO

Kim Angeli is the Founder and CEO of The Grateful Box®.

Kim has been involved with sales and marketing for over 23 years. She has worked with Campbell Soup, Sprint and Cisco Systems.

After helping launch 3 emerging technologies in the IT/Telecommunications industry, she built an insurance agency that effectively positioned itself as the leader in HOA Insurance. In 2016 she sold that business and retired from Insurance at the age of 44.

Gratitude, Appreciation, and Relationships are her passion and she is now on a mission to teach others how to incorporate these powerful life habits into their daily lives. 

Gratitude is a habit that must be practiced and written every day. The Grateful Box® is a tool to remind you to practice that habit, just like your toothbrush reminds you to brush your teeth!
— Kim

Joy Harris, VP & Director of Operations

Joy Harris has a degree in Business Management, a robust background in Customer Service, and extensive construction and maintenance experience. Her profound, wide-spread experience in Customer Service includes nine years in retail, two years in advertising, five years in resort management, and two years in Medical Administration. 

Since 2000, Joy has owned and operated a top notch construction/maintenance company that holds a strong attentiveness to quality customer relations. Between 2005 and 2014 she started and grew a successful association management company, which she sold in 2014 to pursue her passion of teaching Grateful Living globally via Grateful Box.

Joy truly enjoys helping others and believes that gratitude, appreciation and education is key for anyone to find their “Joy,” both personally and professionally.  She enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering with and supporting causes close to her heart.

I am grateful that I have learned the importance of gratitude and being grateful. I handle difficult situations much better and let the negative go by placing it in my Grateful Box®. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. Spreading gratitude is a true joy.
— Joy